• Assistance to get AMFI Certifications.
  • Online & Offline Training.
  • Assistance with customized different sales tools, promotional materials to grow mutual fund advisory business for their partners.
  • Support to partners with 12 yrs experience in advisory business.
  • Online technical support to partners as well as their clients.
  • Support in prospecting, conducting Investor Awareness Program.
  • Recognition and benefits of different category partners.
  • Being small we are more committed to SAFFOLLYA Wealth Coaches.
  • For becoming an SAFFOLLYA Wealth Coach, one primary criteria is Mutual Funds Advisers Certification.
  • For getting the Mutual Fund Distributors certificate you have to be registered with AMFI and should have an ARN (AMFI Registration Number) only then you can advise Mutual Funds.
  • For getting registered with AMFI one has to successfully clear the NISM Series V Mutual Fund certification only then one can apply for ARN.

For Partner’s who are already ARN holder – Subscription charges – 6 000/- for registration as Wealth Coaches.

Benefits of Wealth Coaches, read more

ARN issuance and renewal etc. charges will be borne by the wealth coaches.

  • Different product basket selling access such as – MF, FD’s, Financial Planning, Estate Planning etc.
  • Sales Bag including customized Co-Branded laminated pitch-book, pen, Sales Tools etc.
  • Soft copy of design for visiting card, letterhead etc.
  • Access to our wealth-coach portal to manage the business.
  • Online portfolio access to all clients of advisor
  • Mobile app for all clients.
  • Complete security of data of your business & clients.
  • 360° back-office support system (Online, Offline, logistic) to do MF business
  • Dedicated RM for back-office system & Marketing.
  • 30 full day local or outstation workshop during 12 months on Products, uses of web-portal, Financial Calculator etc.
  • Weekly two product promotional flyer & co-branded marketing materials.
  • Support to arrange client-meet in cost-sharing basis.
  • Eligibility to join active-group to take part in different marketing activities.
  • Very competitive commission sharing.
  • Club-membership benefit for privileged club members.
  • Online promotion of your business.
  • Froward referrals accordingly on web-page visit or help-line call to customer care.

Your earning will be on commission based.

Presently, Commission earning form Mutual fund will be in All Trail mode & we share 55% to 85% of commission we received from the commission earned on the business mobilized by our wealth coach by any segment like MF, FD’s Estate Planning etc.

For Estate Planning, commission earning will be part of commission earned by us from our estate planner: NexGen Estate Planning Solutions.

Apart from commission earring you will earn recognition and other benefit.

  • No, it is not. You would be getting a workbook (Soft Copy – PDF format) from NISM to refer.
  • 7 days AMFI training from us would help you to understand the content properly.
  • The online mock tests are available to increase your confidence in clearing the exam.
  • 2-3 hours of study for 6 to 8 days would certainly help to clear the exam.
  • Mutual Fund examination is conducted online by NISM through BSE/NSE. Duration of certification is 2 hrs.
  • Examination consists of total 100 questions of 1 mark each.

As per the current regulation validity of the certification is 3 years.

Once you clear the exam you have to apply for the ARN. Once you get the ARN, you can become SAFFOLLYA Partner after completing the enrollment process and signing up the agreement. On becoming an SAFFOLLYA Partner, you can start the business.

Absolutely not. Subscription charges are the only charges charged at the time of enrollment and there are no renewal charges.

On enrollment as an SAFFOLLYA Partner, one can immediately start distribution of Mutual Funds, Estate Planning..

No. Almost all services are free, including Partner Desk and Client Desk for all your customers. All paid services are limited to the Print-Shop for materials ordered, SMS Manager service for sending SMSes and other such services.

At SAFFOLLYA, you will share a Principal to Principal relationship. You will not be an employee, or agent on behalf of SAFFOLLYA. You will function as an independent distributor and will have the ownership of your clients. You would function as a sub-broker and engage in promoting and distributing financial and other products through SAFFOLLYA to your clientele.

Your relation with SAFFOLLYA is continuous and non ending. We have Partners who have been with SAFFOLLYA since inception. Relationship can be terminated by you at any point of time. However it is very rare that you may need to end your relationship. SAFFOLLYA can terminate relationship based on any breach of policy or for any other valid / legal reasons.

Yes. You are to require doing a simple registration before you can start.